My concept. Marina Kalcheva, photographer in Barcelona



🌿We have no time limits. Normally, a photoshoot lasts from 2 to 4 hours, but let it flow, no rush. The main thing is to spend time well and create unique moments.

I believe that to capture good portraits, I need to truly know a person. I’ll ask you questions; we’ll talk. Think about photo session like about a meeting with a friend.

I also believe that photography is about co-creating. Both of us are creators; we interact, and as a result, we have this product based on synergy. I could compare it to a dance — you move, receive a response, and vice versa.

Within 10 days, you’ll receive 50 digitally color-graded photos. 

I’ll also create several black and white photos with an instant camera and give them to you as a present immediately. We can have a photoshoot only with that camera; I’d love that.

Additionally, there is an option to create a video for you if you are interested.

I have this aesthetic vision that you see on my profile and site. If you like that, let’s go! 🙌